Is It A Matter Of Concern When Your Dog Eats Cricket?


You must be wondering, what happens when your dog eats crickets. This can be a common case if your living area is infested with crickets. Dogs prefer tasting all sorts of things, even poop and other disgusting things like dead carcasses. Bug eating is nothing unusual after all the critters stimulate the prey drive. Therefore, it’s natural to have prey drive in your pet dog. In nature, this instinct must be there to prove your dog as a good hunter. When it comes to hunting cricket, chasing them is always exciting and extra fun as they hop around in an unpredictable manner. But are crickets safe to chew? Around the globe, there are more than 900 species. These critters are usually nocturnal, jump with the help of hind legs, have a long antenna and prefer moving around with chirping sound. Most of the times, crickets are confused with grasshoppers.

Crickets are a good source of protein. About 100 grams of crickets contain approximately 121 calories and boast 12.9 grams of protein. For this reason, cricket is also one of the favorite parts of the diet in many countries. Well, eating crickets may be a delicacy for some country and your pets but of course, a strict no-no to increase the decency of your home. Moreover, crickets can feed on your fabrics thus, damaging the clothes. So, is there a better option to deal with this issue? According to contact the professionals to prevent infestation of crickets and other critters from your living area. The professionals provide safe pesticides and can find hiding places quite easily. As a backup measure, consider sealing all the cracks around your home.

Why choose professionals?

Cricket infestation is not a good sight for a healthy and hygienic environment. They may not harm you, but, that doesn’t mean the critters will move around. Crickets leave their droppings around the home which invite other insects as well. Finally, when they make a lot of noise after evening, you will feel the annoyance of their appearance. Therefore, in the case of an infestation, consider calling the professionals. They are the best person who can locate and seal all the entry points. The professional team generally prefers using safe sealants and caulks to block the holes and crevices on the walls. They can treat the interior of your home by spraying safe and preventive liquids or granules. The same process is maintained in the backyard or outside of the house to eradicate cricket completely.

Do they bite?

Crickets are omnivorous critters. They have a couple of multipurpose jaws. They prefer feeding on edible like plants, other small insects and fabrics. Well, the chance of biting is quite possible, but this is very rare. Even if they manage to bite, the part of the mouth is not so strong to create a hole in the surface on the skin. According to always hire a professional exterminator as DIY practices may not be an appropriate measure, and moreover, it can be calamitous.

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