Mud Daubers Control Management – How to Do So?


Mud daubers belong to the family of wasps and will be one-inch length. They are called mud daubers because they build their daubers nest by accumulating mud. They are known to stay alone and do not like staying in colonies. They feed on both the plants and insects such as spiders, insects and flower nectars.

Types of Daubers

Daubers are of many kinds. They vary in their color, way of building their nests and finally the place where they feel like building their nest. Here are some of the daubers belonging to different species.

  • Black and yellow
  • Organ pipe
  • Metallic-blue

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Management and Control of Mud Daubers

Normally, insects and pests are killed with the help of chemicals. However, the pest control services use daubers as a way of pest control management, since daubers can help with controlling the pests like spiders and bugs.

Mud daubers, even though they belong to the wasp family, will not cause any damage to any of your possessions. The daubers focus mainly on some dangerous insects that are present in the house such as black widow spiders, insects and other such pests, and can help you with maintaining a clean environment in your house.

Controlling mud daubers is quite simple. You can take help from natural sources such as citrus oil, peppermint oil, vinegar, dishwasher liquid, blue paints, pest controlling herbs, and other such options. Follow the protocol of cleaning the corners of the porch area, window sills, etc., and other such places where you can find spider webs.

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