The Best Gun Safe Manufacturers


INKAS Gun Safe Manufacturing is one of the Canadian owned and operated the company. It is located in the North end of Toronto, Canada. These are builds and distributes safes. Other security products are including retailers, government agencies, financial institutions, jewelry stores, pharmaceutical chains and anyone else who needs to protect their valuables.

It is offering a large variety of Safes such as custom luxury safes, explosive resistant safes, UL rated safes, burglary, fire safes, fire safes, b-rated safes, cash depositories, and hotel safes. This manufacturing also provides unique services to help safe owners including safe installation, safe moving, safe opening, safe combination changes, safe lock changes, safe interior modifications, safe repainting, safe repairs, and safe general maintenance.

Safe Manufacturing services

Best gun safe manufacturers perfect for storing firearms and ammunition of all kinds. Gun safes are a great way to keep your items secure and protect yourself from burglary and misuse. INKAS Safe Manufacturing is offering two lines of gun safes, the Jupiter and Saturn models, in order to help you choose the right safe to fit your needs.

Both these models are UL certified using heavy-duty construction with high-strength steel plates and offer protection from almost any burglary attack. Gun safes manufacturing also vary in the amount of fire protection they provide, the metal thickness, the level of threat protection, and the locking mechanisms, all of which are important factors to compare. There are some safe services the following:

  • Safe Installation

They can transport and install it in its final location. Safes are very large and heavy items. They can install safes virtually anywhere you desire whether it is in a basement, upstairs closet, garage, or office.

  • Safe Moving

Manufacturing services offer unlimited weight installation in the Greater Toronto Area by their team of skilled technicians. They can help you find a trusted locksmith who may or may not have weight restrictions.

  • Safe Opening

If you have forgotten your combination, don’t sweat it! We can open almost any safe using noninvasive techniques. If a safe has been attacked causing a relocking mechanism to trigger or the safe cannot be opened for any other reason they can still open it. They can repair any damage caused by an attack.

  • Safe Repainting

INKAS Safe Manufacturing is equipped with high-end industrial painting machines. You can select from one of the beautiful stock colors, or request a custom one according to your specifications.

  • Safe Repair

If your safe has been attacked or suffered damage from other sources, they can fix it. Most manufacturing services can be performed on location, however major repairs such as concrete patching and welding must be done at this facility.

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