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5 safety tips when working with electrical equipment

It is a serious business to work with electricity. In reality, all electrical systems can cause damage. Your skin is an organic electrical conductor. It is defenseless against electric shocks and burns, particularly thermal injuries on the skin and the inner tissue. It can also cause the electric arc to

Features of home maintenance applications

Home maintenance applications are the leading online application to facilitate access to home maintenance and construction services in less than a minute. Skilzat connects service seekers from homeowners or companies with professional (skilled) service providers. The right price We at Skilzat strive to provide our customers with the best prices for our

Benefits of Organic Cleaning Your Home Rug

The rug/carpet in your house takes a lot of abuse suffering through spills, nasty smells of your pets, walk on, and tons of dirt and dust throughout the course of a year. With is in mind, having your rug/carpet professionally cleaned is very important. Today, there are a plethora of solutions