Do You Know When You Must Buy Replacement Springs for Trampoline?


The size and design of your trampoline will determine the spring length. You will have to remove 2 or 3 springs to accurately measure them if you are not sure about the length of your spring.

You must measure the trampoline springs from one end to another in order to accurately establish their length. It is a typical error to measure merely the coils’ length, which is erroneous. To ensure that these lengths are exactly the same, test the other springs.

Remove the trampoline’s springs to check the coil tension to see whether they are worn out or overstretched. Try to slide a piece of paper the size of an A4 letter between the coils.

Your springs are strained and worn out in case the paper glides through the coils with ease. The spring is in good condition and does not yet require replacement if your paper cannot pass through the coils.

A new trampoline spring may easily and affordably replace any old trampoline spring. Naturally, regularly replacing the springs will address all of the aforementioned problems, keeping the trampoline safer, bouncy, and more secure while guarding the mat against accelerated wear and tear.

While there may not be a set period of time for replacing trampoline springs, however a few things that you can check to see whether it is necessary to get replacement springs.

While utilizing your trampoline, pay attention to how it feels. Does it appear to bounce as much as it used to? Is the mat appearing to droop unusually low? Look at your spring – do they appear to be brand-new and robust, or are they rusted?

However, you can remove the trampoline’s springs to observe how they react when there is no stress if you’d want a clearer response. The springs must be replaced if they appear flimsy or exhibit little recoil even when not supporting the mat.

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