Finer Choices for the Right Gutters Now


Standing water on the roof can increase the weight of the structure, making it unsafe. Therefore, if the rain is not draining completely within 48 hours, it is recommended to immediately assess the condition of the gutters.

As for flashings, a classic sign of trouble is to see infiltrations in the property without the presence of broken or cracked tiles. In this case, it means that the water is infiltrating laterally, through the damaged flashings. Moldy or peeled walls are other typical signs that something is wrong with the drain on the roof of the house. To repair your gutters the professional options are there.

The advantage is that, in comparison to structural and roof problems, damage to gutters and flashings is much easier to solve, simply by replacing defective components. If the problem in the gutter is due to sizing failure – and not dirt accumulation – it will be necessary to redo them to provide the correct drainage of rainwater.

Respect The Periodicity Of Roof Maintenance

Typically, it is recommended that roof maintenance be done twice a year, every six months. Thus, it is possible to identify eventual failures even at the beginning, so that it is easier to deal with them to guarantee the functionality, comfort, and safety of the installation.

The only caveat is not to carry out maintenance during periods of heavy rain. In these times, the tiles are slippery and increase the risk of falls and serious accidents.

It is also not recommended to step directly on wet tiles, as they become heavier due to the moisture absorbed and can break easily. This, in addition to the risk of accidents, causes unnecessary damage, and rework.

Failure to respect maintenance intervals is the main cause of roof damage. After all, as we all know, prevention is better than cure. You may even think that prolonging this period will not cause any problems, especially if the roof looks good. But make no mistake.

  • Apparently perfect roofs can hide small flaws that, if not corrected in time, could become a problem in the future. Damage ranges from leaks, standing water, and minor infiltrations to severe impacts, such as total or partial coverage fall. This, in addition to compromising the security of the property, gives a huge financial loss.
  • So, you already know: take care of roof maintenance and, at the slightest sign of problems, correct them immediately with the help of specialized professionals and quality materials. You can’t give up these questions, because what is at stake here is the security of the house, in addition to, of course, the comfort and well-being of your family.
  • Do you remember the last time you scheduled maintenance on the gutters and flashings of your home? If it is difficult to search for this information in your memory, it is because it is past time to give special attention to it.

And so that you do not have losses due to the clogging of gutters, pay attention to the tips below:

Cleaning frequency

The roof highlights the importance of cleaning in gutters, especially inlaid ones that, when clogged, can cause serious damage, since there is a risk of flooding inside the house, also remembering the installations made near trees. Not to mention when it comes to condominiums, which suffer from the small dirt discarded by the windows and balconies that are deposited in the gutters and, consequently, need maintenance and longer service period.

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