Gutter Cleaners – Advantages of Hiring Professionals Instead of DIY


Nobody really likes cleaning gutters which is why most home (or business) owners hire professional gutter cleaners. Cleaning the gutters is one of the most important household tasks, protecting the foundation and walls from moisture and mold, termites and rot. Before you attempt to take on the job yourself, following are some advantages of hiring a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Fast and Efficient Cleaning

Gutter cleaning takes a lot of time and most people don’t have the expertise to do the job right. Professionals have the necessary skills required to provide comprehensive gutter cleaning services fast and efficiently. They also ensure that the job is done right. If your gutters are loose or your downspouts aren’t draining water to the right area of your yard, fixing these issues now could save you big bucks in repairs down the road says Bob Pergolotti of CT Gutter Cleaners. Most gutter cleaners also provide emergency services when a repair is necessary.

Prevents Accidents

Gutter cleaning involves working on ladders for extended periods of time, something that DIYers often don’t consider before taking on the job. Accidents are certain to happen if you don’t know what you’re doing and can lead to injuries. Professional gutter cleaners have experience working on ladders, use the appropriate safety gear and necessary precautions on the job. Trying to save a few bucks by DIY just isn’t worth the risk.

Minimizes Health Risks

Gutter cleaning involves exposure to potentially harmful insects, bacteria (mold, mildew, etc.) which can be a big problem for you or a family member suffer from allergic reactions. Professional gutter cleaners take precautionary measures that protect them from exposure and have access to the safety equipment needed to carry out the task properly.

Peace of Mind

When you hire professional gutter cleaners, with the experience and equipment to do the job right, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re taking care of your most important investment – your home.

Gutter Inspection

When you hire professional gutter cleaners you can also have them inspect the gutters, downspouts, etc., to make sure they’re in good condition. Most gutters last about 20 years, but unforeseen problems can occur. Professionals know what to look for and what’s causing a problem. They will be able to provide knowledgeable solid advice about what needs to be done.

Well-maintained gutters will keep water away from the foundation, keep termites, mold, and mildew out of the walls and protects your landscaping. If the gutters aren’t cleaned out they’ll fill with water, which, in severe cases, can take down the entire gutter system and parts of the roof. If this happens you’ll end up dealing with costly repairs and may even need to install a new gutter system. All this can be avoided by hiring professional gutter cleaners. Depending on how many trees are around your home, and where you live, gutters need to be cleaned either bi-annually or annually.

While homeowners prefer to take a DIY approach to clean the gutters, when you consider the time, effort, quality and risks involved with the DIY approach, hiring professional gutter cleaners is the better choice and always worth the investment.

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