The Private Residence Ratchadamri – Bangkok’s Newest Luxury Condo


As the world becomes busier and hectic, many people seek ways to find peace and tranquility. A private residence that offers luxury and quiet will be ideal for such people. The Private Residence Ratchadamri, located in the city’s heart, is Bangkok’s newest luxury condo – it has become popular. The reason is that this residence offers superb quality and amenities. Read further to learn more about it.

The Private Residence Ratchadamri – Bangkok’s Newest Luxury Condo

Located in Ratchadamri, this high-end luxury apartment has the feel of a residence, offering peace and tranquility, having a limited number of units. A luxury apartment emphasizes seclusion created amid the hustle and bustle of big city living. Ratchadamri is located at the center of town and is an excellent residence choice. Residents will be able to live a quiet, private life while also enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Lumpini Park will be the event’s site, covered with lush green trees and many shady plants. BTS Ratchadamri is 750 meters away, MRT Silom is 900 meters away, and the expressway is 900 meters away.  

The Private Residence Ratchadamri Residents have easy access to transportation. In addition, it is a condominium in the heart of Ratchadamri, located near several substantial office buildings and malls, hospitals, and other significant locations.

What Is The Private Residence Ratchadamri?

Private Residence Ratchadamri is the perfect place for someone who wants a luxurious home. This new development in Phuket, Thailand, offers luxury condominiums and comes with all amenities, such as private pools and gardens! 

Location & Amenities Of The Private Residence Ratchadamri

Something about it makes it irresistible for a private residence, Ratchadamri. It is affluent yet peaceful; its location is ideal for people who want to be close to the city while also enjoying a bit of peace. The lush gardens surrounding the property provide plenty of privacy and relaxation. It also has a private residence Ratchadamri offers a variety of amenities to its residents, including a gym, pool, and spa. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious private residence that offers a great location and plenty of amenities, the private home at Ratchadamri is the perfect place for you! 

Current Prices Of The Private Residence Ratchadamri

Thailand is experiencing a real estate boom, and Ratchadamri is no exception. Prices have increased to 650,000 baht per square meter from 50,000 baht per square meter, increasing 100,000. Now would be a good time if you’re interested in purchasing a private residence within the complex. 


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